Our corporate function consists of a group of professional services which support the organisation and its different functions. 

Admin Support Service

Our admin support provides a range of day-to-day activities including producing the agendas and minutes of meetings; transactional purchasing; travel bookings and diary management.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence service consists of data analysts and savings analysts who are transforming the business through data, automation of workflows, and visualisations, providing insights to drive opportunities for savings.

Our savings team provide analysis and insight on the validation of savings and the recording and analysis of savings data.

Communications and Marketing

Our Communications and Marketing service provides strategic communication advice, manages internal and external communications, and the marketing of our services to NHS trusts and suppliers. This includes managing the CPP website, intranet and social media.

Contract and Compliance

Our Contract and Compliance support manages the development, monitoring and delivery of our policies, as well as audits of them. Alongside this, they manage our data protection and regulatory compliance work, as well as all our contracts with external suppliers.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service support handles and resolves customer and supplier queries and complaints by both phone and email. They also liaise with Clinical and Product Assurance (CaPA) product safety teams within NHS Supply Chain to ensure that any identified issues with the products being used by NHS trusts are resolved quickly.


Our HR service provides strategic and day-to-day HR advice to managers and colleagues throughout CPP.

The service also manages recruitment, learning and development, appraisal and induction processes, HR policies and procedures, and health and wellbeing support for all our teams.


Our Operations support manages the facilities at our three office sites in NewcastleNormanton and Sheffield; health and safety; business continuity and disaster recovery; and managing the stock and replacement programme for our physical assets such as IT equipment.