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Staff survey reveals pride in working for CPP

Posted on 3 December 2020

“Proud to work for CPP” – that’s the overwhelming message received from CPP employees during our last staff survey.

Following a difficult year dealing with issues connected to the pandemic; from increased workloads to coping with juggling working from home and family life – the CPP Executive Team is delighted with the results of the survey, conducted in October, which showed an increase in positive responses across the board.

“In a year that has been fraught with difficulties, to see our responses to the staff survey increase across all 15 areas within six months is tremendous. I’m so proud of the organisation!” said Helen Lisle, Managing Director.

“It is clear there are lots of happy, motivated, and engaged employees working in CPP. An index score of 8.4 is classed as a very goodachievement and provides a solid foundation to build upon moving forward.

“What is particularly pleasing to note is that staff trust the senior management and executive teams to do what is right for the organisation and our employees clearly believe we are listening to them and taking action.”

The health and wellbeing support offered to employees was also highly praised in the survey.

One member of staff commented: “During these unprecedented times, I have been offered and made aware of the multiple facilities and options that are available to me to maintain my wellbeing. My manager has supported me 100% and I truly feel valued. I have never been prouder to work for a company as I do CPP.”

Helen said: “CPP is believed to show genuine care and concern for the wellbeing staff throughout the current situation and managers were also praised for their support.

“We have placed such a huge emphasis on wellbeing this year, hosting our first Health and Wellbeing Week in October so it is gratifying to see how well this has been received by staff.”