CPP is a service provider to NHS Supply Chain

We provide two contracts within the NHS Supply Chain Operating Model.

We are responsible for the procurement and contracts that allow the NHS to buy the products it needs for hospitals, ambulance trusts and community health services, including mental health services. We put the contracts in place that ensures the NHS has the right equipment, products and services at the right price and the right quality for individual trusts or groups of trusts.

We also provide business analytics to support opportunity analysis for NHS trusts. By comparing the numbers on their existing spending on medical equipment, products and services we can offer trusts the best deals and savings opportunities from the contracts we have negotiated.

That requires a collaborative approach to get the best outcomes for patients and savings for trusts.

Our clinical teams work with their counterparts in trusts to make sure that any medical equipment or products we bring on board have been clinically assured, which means they deliver the highest patient safety standards, while meeting the specification requirements of clinicians to support them in carrying out their jobs efficiently.

We also work with our partners across the NHS Supply Chain model so that trusts receive a one-stop service from ordering through to delivery. CPP is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) company and was set up in April 2018. As a responsible company keen to play our part in the community we operate to a range of agreed policies.

Our values

Everything we do is governed by the CPP Values that were developed by our staff. We are very proud that our staff played a significant role in the development of the CPP Values, as their input has driven belief in the values that they own and in turn we all live on a daily basis.

CPP values — CREDIT

  • We show this by:

    • Working together to build on our success for the benefit of all stakeholders
    • Demonstrating a positive approach to our values
    • Making ethical responsible decisions to deliver a sustainable quality service to NHS patients
  • We show this by:

    • Reflecting on our own behaviour and how it impacts on others
    • Embracing the strengths and differences of individuals
    • Taking the time to get to know our colleagues and customers
  • We show this by:

    • Taking the opportunity to participate, knowing our voice matters
    • Creating an environment where everyone can contribute
    • Asking for feedback and acting on it
  • We show this by:

    • Focusing on what we can do, not what we can’t
    • Finding creative solutions to overcome obstacles
    • Having a clear understanding of our contribution 
  • We show this by:

    • Seeking opportunities to share knowledge, experience and good practice to drive change
    • Continually building on our skills and knowledge to be a credible influencer in a changing market
    • Being curious to learn when we don’t succeed
  • We show this by:

    • Showing honesty, transparency and consistency in the way we work
    • Delivering on promises and realistically managing expectations
    • Acting with integrity and being accountable

CPP is owned by four NHS trusts

This means that instead of paying shareholders we reinvest money into community health services.

Our team

Our team

CPP has a Members’ Board with representatives from the four NHS trusts which jointly own us. They are responsible for setting the vision, strategy and overall direction of the company.

They are supported by an Executive Team made up of our managing director and the organisation’s three directors, who provide the strategic leadership of our team. Working alongside them is our Senior Management Team which bridges the strategic and operational parts of the business.

Our team
Business Review April 2022

Business Review April 2022

Our business review April 2022 reflects on the progress, landmarks and challenges for Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP), particularly over the last 12 months. An accessible version can be found here